Don Bosco Sailboat

$ 40.00$ 120.00

The Don Bosco is a historical luxury motorsailing vessel, commissioned in Deauville France in 1957 by the French as a gift for Spain. Don Bosco is a prized 65-foot 2-masted yacht that is now fully equipped with state-of-the-art navigation equipment, twin diesel engines, and she has all the comforts of today combined with the quality construction, charm and class of a vessel of yesteryear. On Christmas Day, 1999, Don Bosco touched Pacific waters for the first time in its history. Now the Don Bosco is anchored off the beautiful Pacific coast of Costa Rica waiting to make your dreams a reality.

Minimum of 8 adult guests. If less than 8 guests, you must cover the cost of 8 guests to operate.

Kids 4 and under FREE.


10:00 am till 4:30 pm
Sailing, snorkeling, swimming, games, cave exploration and all you can eat and drink all day. Includes BBQ on beach with steak, chicken, potatoes, salads, fresh grilled vegetables, local tropical fruits, famous Don Bosco Banana Bead and much more.



3:00 pm till 6:00 pm
Includes snacks and unlimited drinks!​



9:00 am till 1:30 pm
Includes drinks and snacks



All rates do not include 13% Costa Rican Value-Added Tax*

$ 40.00 /child (under 10)
$ 40.00 /child (under 10)
$ 60.00 /child (under 10)
$ 90.00 /adult
$ 90.00 /adult
$ 120.00 /adult
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