Wedding Celebration

By November 16, 2015 January 27th, 2016 Villa Cascada, Weddings

Hello, Pam and Guillermo,

We’re back from our marathon wedding week in Costa Rica. It was, as I’m sure you know, a blur of parties and lots of fun. We wanted to take a moment to appreciate all that you and your staff did to make Julianna and Austin’s wedding week successful.

Guillermo!   What more can we say? He was an angel. Ever ready to help, accommodate last minute requests, and manage his staff so efficiently. He is a jewel, and you are lucky to have him! I think he even stepped in to cook one evening when we thought we would go to Rooster’s and then only too late learned it was closed to a private event. We were ready to just do some easy quesadillas but Guillermo said “not on my watch!” and promptly heated up the grill! What a trooper!

Your entire staff.   It’s hard to know where to begin. Everyone loved the bartenders. Your kitchen staff was warm and welcoming. I never passed a maid in the hallway without a smile. Your pool guy is just wonderful and has an infectiously happy attitude! Everyone loved having the laundry done. I wish I could remember all the names of your staff, but then again, I wouldn’t want to miss anyone. They were ALL so very helpful.

The setting.   Couldn’t have been nicer. To have those views overlooking the bay was balm to our weary early winter souls. Just a beautiful location.

The food.   The Costa Rican dishes were delicious! The shrimp and beef kabobs the first night set a high bar of tastiness. Anything with shrimp was devoured (cooked to perfection). Everyone loved the tortilla soup. Of all the meals, I think breakfast was especially popular — and the beans and rice with shredded beef at breakfast were yummy. The fresh local fruit was incredible. I am still drooling thinking of that pineapple! My sister-in-law especially appreciated that there were so many “native” dishes and that the menu wasn’t just typical North American fare.

The surprises!   The piñata! The local woven straw fans & headpieces! The Mardi Gras bags at the wedding reception! Jack certainly captured the spirit of our group of party-loving family and friends. Thank you so much for these unexpected experiences that added to our fun!
Everyone had a marvelous time – and the offsite excursions just added to the experience. The sunset sail, zip-lining in the jungle canopy, ATVs, jet skis – a little bit of everything!

Thank you for everything ….Pura vida!

Lois & Jeff Hogan